Barber Shop - Camera Bags made in Italy

Barber Shop is an authentic collection of camera bags and straps, entirely designed and handcrafted in Italy by passionate, skilled artisans. Quality, Italian style and functionality are the hallmarks of Barber Shop. 

Barber Shop multifunctional bags and accessories are made using only selected Italian leathers and fabrics and offers top quality technical features. The unique style and versatility of Barber Shop bags make them perfect, both for men and women, and enjoyable also for daily life. In fact, they do not shout out that you are carrying photographic equipment, which also makes them safer. 

Whether photography is your job or passion, enjoy your special, inspiring moment without any compromise or concern. You need protection, comfort, speed, handiness and transportability for your gear: Barber Shop will take care of everything, so you just need to think about your next shot.