Holdfast - Moneymaker Camera Harness

Matthew Swaggart is the founder of HoldFast Gear. Holdfast was born from a sense of adventure and the belief that history is waiting to be captured and made. 

Matt traveled the world, capturing stories and he always disliked the bulky style of today’s photographer’s gear. After years of creeping back pain, he became intolerant of its poor function. Thus he created a brand that blended an elegant vintage style with unsurpassed modern functionality. 

His first very successful product was the Holdfast Moneymaker, a leather camera harness, which gives you the possibility to comfortably carry 1, 2 or even 3 camera bodies at the same time. Today Holdfast offers a variety of leather camera straps, camera Bags and Accessories, all made in USA.

All Products are made ethically in the United States of America. Swaggart takes extreme pride in the fact that HF has created many sustainable jobs within the Oklahoma Economy.

Holdfast uses REAL full grain leathers. As such, each hide will display the unique life that the animal lived showing scars from brands, barbed-wire cuts, stretch marks, insect bites, marks from birthing and even natural wrinkles, etc. One of the beauties of leather is that no two cowhides are alike, because each hide comes from animals that have lived different lives! These scars are not "defects" in the leather, but instead, proof that we actually use real full grain leather which is the absolute BEST leather money can buy. We do not throw out good hides because of scars, rather we embrace these natural markings as part of the story, to which you will now add to. So if you happen to receive a MoneyMaker or one of my products with a scar or brand in the leather, know that you now own a 1-of-a kind piece.