About Us

About PhotoQueen
Thousands of fashion-conscious photographers from Europe and beyond have been inspired for years by PhotoQueen’s stylish camera bags and accessories – for one simple reason: PhotoQueen doesn’t compromise with its unique camera bags designed to fit your style, and to protect your camera equipment at the same time. Apart from multi-functional and protective features, PhotoQueen’s unconventional camera bag designs help camouflage what you are carrying, keeping you and your precious equipment safe – maximum protection meets maximum style!
From a gift – to a search – to an online shop
It began with a gift – my first DSLR camera – and a search for a bag both fashionable and functional – and culminated in a successful startup: PhotoQueen. Founded by Britta Hahnebeck in 2010 in Hamburg, PhotoQueen’s founder-run team has grown continually, and works hard to offer products photographers love to use.
Don’t take our word for it
It didn’t take long for photography and lifestyle journalists to recognize the magic of PhotoQueen – here’s a partial list of titles where we have been featured recently.
It’s inspiring to be inspired
PhotoQueen loves to inspire, and loves being inspired by your feedback which often helps our team develop new ideas and discover new ways of improving. Here are recent favourites from our Photoqueens and Photokings – keep them coming.
Lieselot, Belgium
"I just wanted to let you know that my bag arrived this morning, thanks so much for the quick service!  I'm so happy with it, we're gonna have some beautiful moments together :)" 
Lucie, Czech Republic
"I am holding my gorgeous Kelly in my hands and I promptly fell in love :) 
Thank you so much for the oh so fast delivery and you have my recommendation for all of my friends."
Christin, Germany
"I am not just very happy, but in love with my B-Hobo!!! Unpacking it was like Christmas, Easter and my birthday combined. The reactions I get about my bag are crazy. No one believes me when I tell them that it’s a camera bag – which is exactly what I wanted. And my girl friends are all green with envy :-)"
Jacky, Taiwan
"I got the bag!!  I am so happy!  Thank you, and it really a pleasure to shop the bag with PhotoQueen.!
Rainer, Spain
"Thanks for the quick and uncomplicated shopping. It would be great if all online businesses could function this well."
Susann, Germany
"Thank you so much for the superfast delivery! Much to my surprise I received the bag yesterday already and could take it to the shooting. Am VERY thrilled!"
Sarah, Switzerland
"The bag arrived today already and I love it! I was at first a little frightened by the 40 Swiss Francs I had to pay extra for import duties, tax etc. ...but the bag exceeded my expectations with its looks, functionality and feel so much that I gladly paid the extra. I also appreciated the quick delivery – thank you! I would definately buy at PhotoQueen again because of the transparent way in which prices are shown for Swiss customers in your online shop, as well as the friendly contact and high quality of goods." 
Alex, Germany
"Everything worked out without a hitch. Delivery time was spot on. I was entirely convinced by the quality of the bag – my wife was very, very happy. Keep it up and keep kitting those photographers out with style :-)"